Are they safe to touch?

Yes! The babies are all natural and harmless to touch.

When should I plant the seed puck into the pot?

Once the seedlings are about one inch high.

How often should I water them?

You should check with your local garden center for what is appropriate for where you live. But keep the seed puck moist but not saturated after it has fully expanded.

Are they guaranteed to grow?

If you follow the instructions they should grow (but there are no guarantees). We have grown 1000’s of Bloombabies in countless ways and find it extremely difficult to find a way to get one not to grow.

Can I grow them in the winter?

It depends on where you live so you should check with your local garden center. But if you have a nice window for the seedlings to get some sun your babies should grow. We recommend starting indoors.

How long will it take for them to grow?

Our record is initial sprouting for a baby in a day and a half. You should give it up to a week, but should see a baby blooming in a couple of days.

What kind of flowers are they?

They are a callendula blend. (This may change if there are supply issues or a seasonal change but not likely)

What are those little round balls?

They are water beads that will ensure to keep your babies hydrated. When the water is dry they get small, when there is a lot of water they get big.